Annie Solomon
Annie Solomon

August 2008

Dear Reader,

The dog days of summer are here. In Nashville, school has already started. The National Conference of Romance Writers of America is over and I'm back from San Francisco, having presented this year's RITATM for the best romantic suspense to Anne Stuart, one of my all-time faves. One season is winding down, another one hasn't quite started up. But I've got news!

For all those asking, I've got a title and a release date for my next book. DEAD CERTAIN will be out next May. I hope you'll agree with me that it's worth the wait! If you like a heroine full of fire and pluck who doesn't take guff from anyone, you'll love Edie Swan. On a trip down Memory Lane to avenge her father's death, Edie is caught in her own deadly trap by a killer who knows her every move...almost before she does.

I'm thrilled to announce that the audio book of my RITATM-winning novel is complete. I had an amazing time sitting in on the recording sessions. For lots more on that, including pictures, check out my website. And if you want to hear how it all came out, you can rent or buy a copy at Recorded Books

And don't forget to ask your local librarian to purchase a copy for the library!

Signs and Portents
This fall I have several speaking/signing events lined up. Check the website for details as they become available.


Hope you and yours are well and that the summer doesn't end too soon. Don't forget to drop me a line at

Happy Reading!

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